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“The Art of Traditional Dressage”
Vol. 1 - Seat and Aids

This instructive video is exquisitely articulated by Charles de Kunffy, world-renowned clinician, 14 years as an FEI Judge, and author of seven books on Classical Dressage. This DVD has clear and specific explanations about the “sculpting of the seat” and the correct ways of acquiring the proper posture and riding position. Among others, the author also rides to demonstrate the proper way of “placing” and using the seat and aids.

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“Training Strategies for Dressage Riders”
"A Rider's Survival from Tyranny"

Charles de Kunffy retells the dramatic events of his privileged and turbulent young life. A European nobleman in the stormy years of World War II and the Hungarian Revolution persevered to become a prominent equestrian. During the Soviet occupation, de Kunffy finds a life-saving island of tranquility in the ancient art of classical horsemanship.

Fascinating accounts of his great mentors, ‘professor’ horses and remarkable characters are vividly described against an uncertain historical landscape. The author’s account of life under brutal tyranny, and the victorious survival of a civilized mind are a testament to a determined and sensitive spirit.

Tragic at times, funny at others, this true-life tale of travel through a rugged social landscape is graced with equestrian salvation.

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“Training Strategies for Dressage Riders”“Training Strategies for Dressage Riders”

In this book the author promotes equestrian elegance through effectiveness.  He draws attention to the outmost importance of the rider’s correct equitation as a precondition to schooling their horses correctly.  Mr. de Kunffy guides the reader through the traditional training system that resulted always in the prolongation of the horse's useful life and is rooted in the sincere love for the horse. This book is full of specific guidelines for the correct development of riders, and consequently, their horses.  Richly illustrated with well-explained photo material.

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“The Athletic Development of the Dressage Horse:”

“The Athletic Development of the Dressage Horse:” Manage Patterns

This exacting work concentrates on explaining the meaning and usefulness of traditional riding patterns as schooling aids for the proper athletic development of horses. A unique book devoted entirely to the explaining of the purposes and usefulness of the classical Manege patterns. By knowing how to use and perform these “tools” of schooling horses, there cannot be horses that are supple and strong. Illustrated with 35 photos and 38 diagrams.

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“The Ethics and Passions of Dressage”

“The Ethics and Passions of Dressage”

In this most thoughtful and thought-provoking book, the author calls for a dedication to the traditions of classical horsemanship.  Mr. de Kunffy takes the reader's mind for a lesson that embraces history, philosophy, art, nature and the ethics of horsemanship.  Almost poetic in writing style, the book pays tribute to non-confrontational horsemanship.  In this book, the author has shaped a pearl of equestrian wisdom that is destined to become a classic in equestrian literature.  Beautifully illustrated by pictures of great European equestrian art.

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“Dressage Principles Illuminated”

“Dressage Principles Illuminated”

In this visually beautiful book the author recalls the classical riding principles and contrasts it to mere competitive riding. He reflects on the nature and training of horses, the education and development of the rider and explains his training methods and schooling philosophy. The book is lavishly illustrated, including riding pictures of the author. Anyone respecting the classical riding tradition, regardless of their level of riding skills, will benefit from this sensitive, artistic and intelligent riding approach, which is the result of the authors’ lifetime of experience.


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