Upbringing aimed at “socializing” the young. To provide for the evolution of a newborn “primitive” the means to evolve into a responsible adult member of society. Youngsters were to learn the standards of appropriate behavior. In its most advanced display, it became etiquette.

Individuals should learn to fit into the civilization into which they were born. Locate them in the continuum of historical evolution. Where they are in the world and when they live in the ever-changing events in historical evolution. Only by being extremely well informed about the evolution of civilization, knowing history and the arts, understanding relationships and “inner life,” can individuals become cultured persons, representing and advancing the values of civilization.

Learning a craft, acquiring skills to make a living are very important but culture is more than knowing facts. It includes the skills and stamina to relate to one, to others and to understand the civilization one participates in. Cultured people assist and delight others. Brutal primitives spoil our holidays on earth. A cultured person is not positioned in opposition to the standards of civilization preening itself to become notorious self-hater.


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