Classical horsemanship is a metaphor for life well lived. The equestrian virtues are identical to the virtues promoting a life well lived.

The classical training methods of horses endured for centuries. The tradition is the result of thoughtful experimentation by thousands of riders who discovered what training methods lead to the unfolding of all potentials of individual horses. What improved most horses’ most of the time was added to the classical vocabulary of schooling horses.

The classical riding tradition is for the painless improvement of the horse’s athletic performance under the unwelcome weight of the rider. All good riding must be beneficial to the horse.

Every training day we pay attention to rehabilitate the purity and balance of the natural gaits. Then, we apply therapeutic work by straightening the horse to develop eventual ambidexterity. Finally, we gain amplified gaits, improved collection and maximum performance produced by minimum effort through increased strength and perfected skills.

All my books and lectures offered the detailing of training methods of the CLASSICAL EQUESTRIAN TRADITION.

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